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YBhg Tan Sri Datu/Datuk/Dato'/Datu/Prof/Prof Madya/Dr/Tuan/Puan yang dihormati,

Sukacita dimaklumkan PKMA akan mengadakan satu sesi latihan mengenai pangkalan data STATdx dan ClinicalKey Nursing. Butiran adalah seperti di bawah (sila lihat versi email dalam Bahasa Inggeris). Jika anda berminat untuk menghadiri latihan ini, sila emel : dalam masa terdekat.

Sekian, terima kasih.



CAIS will be holding an online database training on STATdx and ClinicalKey Nursing

The information about the sessions are stated below:
STATdx and ClinicalKey Nursing

Date 1st March (Tuesday)
Time 10.00 am STATdx
02.30 pm ClinicalKey Nursing
Venue Computer Lab 6, Faculty of Medicine and Health


ClinicalKey's nursing content collection is indexed daily and continues to grow as new resources are published, ensuring that every decision you make is based on the most current evidence. Content sources include:
· Integration with Mosby’s Skills (Coming Soon)
· Mosby’s Evidence-Based Nursing Monographs
· Customizable Patient Education Handouts
· Gold Standard Drug Monographs
· Core Measures with Nursing Recommendations
· Books
· Journals
· Videos
· Images
· Practice Guidelines
· Labs and Diagnostics
· Mosby’s Clinical Updates
· Integrated Dorland’s Dictionary
· MEDLINE Abstracts
· Clinical Trials
· Special Collections for Critical Care, Perianesthesia, Emergency and more
STATdx® gives you online access to expert-based decision support, so you can increase speed, accuracy and confidence in diagnosing complex imaging cases.
Rely on the Experts
STATdx, written by renowned radiologists in each specialty, provides comprehensive decision support you can rely on, including:
• Over 4,300 common and complex diagnoses
• 200,000 expert-selected and annotated image examples
• More than 1,300 differential diagnosis modules
• Comprehensive normal imaging anatomy
• 20,000 easily-sortable patient cases
• 195 Basic and advanced procedures
Confidence in Your Diagnosis
Get the tools to help you make a confident diagnosis:
• Use STATdx expert differential lists to determine what other diseases you should consider
• Study up to three diagnoses, side by side, with Compare Anywhere
• Investigate patient case examples for even the most uncommon diseases
• Follow up on the latest journal articles with RADSearch
Facilitate by Mr. Christ Siow

If you are interested to participate, please email at your earliest convenience .

Thank You.


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